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CORONA Crisis: COVID-19 Corona-Short-Time Work

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Andreas Maitzen

What are the relevant key aspects?


·         How does it work?

Short-time work is the temporarily reduction of normal working hours and remuneration due to economic difficulties. The purpose of short-time work is to temporarily reduce labour costs while keeping the employees.


·         For how long is it possible?             

The “Corona-short-time work” is limited to three months, but can be extended up to another three months if necessary.


·         How quickly can I request this?


The application deadline has been drastically shortened from six weeks to five working days.


·         How do I get it?

The approval or possible request to remedy the application are issued within 48 hours.


·         In Detail?

The extent of the agreed reduction can be reduced to at least 10% during the short-time working period. Here, the selected period is considered the "averaging period". It would also be possible, for example, to reduce 5 weeks to "0" and in the 6th week to 60% of the previous normal working time.


Layoffs during and after short-time work are practically impossible.


·         What happens with time credit or remaining holiday?

Before making use of the measure, the employee MUST use up any remaining old holiday credit from previous years, as well as any time credits. An agreement is no longer a prerequisite based on the current information, but the employer can also "prescribe" the leave.


·         What do the employees receive?

There is a "net guarantee" for the employee, i.e. a guaranteed replacement of his or her net income, graduated according to the amount of gross income before the measure in the amount of 75% to a maximum of 90%. The higher the gross salary/wage before short-time work, the lower the net replacement rate.


The gross additional costs are reimbursed to the employer by the AMS. Social security contributions, which are to be paid in the amount of the previous remuneration for normal working hours. The additional costs are also reimbursed.


We can draw up the necessary agreements together with you.


1.       Company agreement; in companies with no workers´ council an individual agreement

2.       AMS-application form

3.       Justification on economic difficulties (reference to Corona)


We will gladly inform you about the exact procedure and the individual steps to be taken to obtain this support. office [at] (subject: Pls%20contact%20me%20regarding%20the%20%E2%80%9ECorona-short-time%20work%E2%80%9D%3A, body: Dear%20FALCON%20Team%2C%0A%0Apls%20contact%20me%20at%3A%20) (Please get in touch with us).

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