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Government support for the creation of jobs


As of 18 May employers may request a non-refundable support from the State for the employment of registered job-seekers. The support can be provided for 6 months, and the employer is obliged to  carry on employing the employee in question without support for an additional 3 months. The amount of the support is the gross salary of the employee plus 100% of the related social contributions tax, up to a total of monthly HUF 200,000 / employee. The employment of the supported employee has to achieve a net rise in the amount of staff, considering the average statistical number of staff in the 6 months preceding the submission of the request for the support, excluding any downsizing that took place between the announcement of the State of Emergency (11 March) and the publishing of the support conditions (18 May). The employer has to assume that it will not end the employment of the supported employees and any employees who work in the same or similar job role via mutual agreement or via termination due to operational reasons. The support is considered as de minimis support, thus employers active in certain business areas may not be eligible. In the support request the employee selected for the employment may be determined, but if no one is selected yet for the job, then the public employment body will offer a candidate.

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