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Partners & Alliances

In the past few years the requirements towards tax consulting and bookkeeping companies have dramatically changed due to the consequences of the demographic changes, the competition situation and the technological development.

These developments have prompted us in the past few years to set up strategic partnerships in certain fields, especially in the commodity services of accounting, i.e. mainly the ongoing bookkeeping. This improves the revenues of our partners and ourselves in the long run, guarantees the availability of a high-level technical system for our clients and ensures the legally required quality.

We work with various partners this way in the following fields:

with property management companies

in the real estate property business and with a software system company for the transmission of data from the property management to the financial bookkeeping

in the area of outsourced accounting,

with software specialists to import and electronically recognize scanned documents

in the area of newly established companies, legal transformations, consulting on the legal form of companies and labour law matters,

with lawyers and tax and accounting firms specialized in these fields

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