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Budgeting Services

Budgeting Soll Ist Vergleich Controlling actual plan variance analysis


We support you at the annual budgeting and, as required, in the group reporting in this respect, as well. For this purpose, the revenue and cost accounts are structured in line with the budgeting requirements (e.g. under business lines, projects,...) and presented according to the circumstances of the relevant sector.

Cash-flow planning and reporting is especially important for the assessment of the financial situation and often for the negotiations with banks.

For supporting you in the calculation and planning of the quantity and price structure of costs, we use the software Professional Planner.

Target-Actual Comparison and Controlling

The continuous comparison of planned and actual figures supports the management of an undertaking significantly. 

For the quarterly or monthly comparison, we directly import the data from our bookkeeping records into the planning tool, electronically if possible.

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