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Bookkeeping Services

Booking of documents

  • All data that has to be recorded in the bookkeeping have been already recorded once electronically. So why should they be entered again in the bookkeeping software manually? We have established for many clients an electronic data exchange procedure. The client, the supplier(s) or another service provider (e.g. property manager) records all mass data, our team imports this data and supplements them with the month-end closing records. Thereby your data are continuously up-to-date. At the same time, our expert team handles the bookkeeping and the financial reporting: we can achieve a low-cost and efficient workflow.
  • Outsourcing - Insourcing - Cosourcing: our clients have different requirements: you can hand over your entire bookeeping via an electronic bookkeeping software, then take back home all records and we help you at the monthly closing in your office. Alternatively we only handle parts of the bookkeeping, e.g. the recording of incoming invoices. We are flexible.

Electronic Workflow

  • Electonic Workflow Solutions offer the opportunity, to scan documents in your office, approve them electronically, to record them, to approve the payment etc. We can implement these solutions together with our partners and the we can handle the bokkeeping, controlling, budgeting, etc. You have continuous electronic access to your data. On your PDA if you so wish.

IFRS Reporting

  • The ongoing bookkeeping we perform for our clients is not limited to recording documents received: it also includes regular reporting tasks. We will implement your requirements (e.g. IFRS, electronic packages) in a standardized manner.
  • In our experience it can happen that your colleagues are suddenly not available anymore. We can then help you out, for a limited period of time. We look forward to meeting you!


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