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Quality Management

4 eyes see more than 2

4 eyes see more than 2

In the past few years the requirements to tax consulting and bookkeeping companies have dramatically changed due to the consequences of the demographic changes, the competition situation and the technological development of the internet as well as the consequential availability and variety of information. As customers we all have become more selective, flexible and ready for changes

We cherish our clients and we would like long-term client relationships. And we know that our clients would like to rely on our letters of advice, balance sheets, reviews and the like, and in an international context they also have to do so. This requires to high quality standards from us.

The 4-eye principle is an important pillar for our quality management. This principle allows us to perform our engagements at a high level of quality. All technical correspondence will be prepared by one of our colleagues and reviewed by another one to identify and correct potential mistakes.

It is very important, especially in cross-border situations, that they are reviewed by experts from the relevant country. Letters of advice, reviews, appeals and the like go through a quality cycle based on technical communication, which ensures the correctness of these statements. At the same time we established our work processes in a way that the 4-eye principle does not significantly increase the preparation time. In any case, quality requires time.

And while others only speak of it, we have committed ourselves to strict training requirements: depending on the technical qualification, at least 40 hours of education have to be completed annually.

In a dynamic field, however, short deadlines should not be an issue. We can mitigate bottlenecks and adhere to deadlines through know-how and efficiency increase at fast close, hard close, roll-forward etc. and through the application of check list systems developed through the years.

Our clients' satisfaction is the top priority for us. If you were happy with us, you will recommend our services to others.

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