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Real Estate Services

Immofonds closed-end funds
  • Are you looking for someone with experience in real estate transactions?
  • Are you looking for a competent contact person who has experience in setting up funds in Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Austria?
  • Are you looking for someone who could support you in structuring a fund in these countries?
  • Are you looking for someone who can keep contacts with the authorities etc. in these markets?
  • Are you looking for one single contact person?
  • Are you looking for an efficient, flexible and stabile team for the on-going support to investors?

Property management partnerships with real estate

We accompany you from the first structuring ideas via due diligence, establishment, ongoing compliance such as the preparation of financial statement, tax returns, answering specific tax questions, up to the sale.

Closed-end real estate funds

We accompany you from the first structuring ideas, in the due diligence, preparation of the financial statements of the SPVs and ongoing tax compliance of the investors.

We elaborate the tax framework of the structure and optimize it cross-border as need be. 

We prepare the information received from our colleagues in other locations, so that you can use these data directly. We keep contacts with the authorities

With our flexible and efficient team we make sure that the quarterly reports (NAV etc.) and financial statements are quickly and timely prepared and we take care of the tax compliance of the investors, to improve your fund rating.


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