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Air Transport Levy

Fugabgabe air transport levy flight tax
  • Are you a charter flight company or
  • a company, with no seat in Austria, making aircraft available?
  • Do you serve the Austrian market?
  • Do you need someone who reliably informs you of changes in the laws concerning the air transport levy?
  • Would you actually prefer not having to do anything with the air transport levy and the obligations arising from it?

In 2011 Austria introduced a new Air Transport Levy (act entitled "Flugabgabegesetz", FlugAbgG). According to the law, all aircraft owners are obliged to pay air transport levy - if no exemptions apply - for passengers departing from Austria. The levy has to be paid to the Austrian tax authority directorate of duties, consumption taxes and gambling. 

We assist you in the next steps: from the registration at the tax authority, to the ongoing reporting to the airports and the tax authority, acting as your fiscal representative and preparing your annual tax returns.

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