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FALCON Budapest - office location


Are you arriving to Budapest by plane? You can either choose public transport, or simply take a cab at the airport and travel directly to our office located in Ulászló street. Please find the available transportation options at the website of the airport:

Are you arriving to our office by car? You can find parking space in Ulászló street, however, please note that there is a parking charge. You buy your parking ticket at one of the ticket vending machines in the street. If you need assistance, please ask our colleagues.

Are you arriving to Budapest by train? Please get off at Kelenföld train station, select either trams 19 or 49 and get off at Kosztolányi Dezső square. Our office is just a few steps away.

Are you using public transportation? Our office is located in a frequented area which is easily accessible by several forms of public transport - i.e. bus, underground (M4, green line, station Újbuda-központ), tram. For details please check or ask our colleagues for assistance.

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1114 Budapest, Ulászló u. 27.


Tax News

Tax News (HU) - Company registration and tax registration rules tightened

At the beginning of 2012, several changes were introduced that affected the registration of companies in Hungary. As a result, the procedure became more expensive, slower and more complicated. Before the issuance of the tax identification number, a separate tax registration procedure is carried out. The tax authority examines - based on the reported data and from the data received from the Company Court - the circumstances that could hinder the issuance of a tax number based on the law. It is possible to appeal against the tax authority's decision, but please beware the short deadlines. (This article is available in Hungarian and German.)

Tax News (HU): Reverse charge VAT in agriculture

Under the reverse charge method, the taxable customer is liable to declare the VAT payable instead of the service provider or seller. From 1 July 2012, this method is be extended to the domestic supply of certain agricultural products. The new rule was introduced for a transitional period of 2 years in order to hinder VAT fraud. (This article is available in Hungarian only.)

Tax News (HU): Personal income tax - family allowance

The rules of the family allowance have been modified as of 1 January 2012. The amount of the tax allowance remained unchanged. The personal income tax base may be reduced by HUF 62,500 per month and per dependent individuals if the taxpayer has one or two such dependent family members. If there are three or more dependent family members, the personal income tax base may be reduced by HUF 260,250. (This article is available in Hungarian only.)


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