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Lohnverrechnung payroll accounting Lohnabrechnung Expat Entsendung Expatriates
  • Do you wish to be independent from "your" payroll accountant?
  • Do you wish that your employees timely receive their money on their bank account?
  • Do you require compentent support in the event of an audit by the authorities?
  • Do you have seconded employees and require assistance in handling expatriates' compliance matters?
  • Do you wish to give weight to your entrepreneurial considerations in social security and labour law matters?


Payroll accounting

We assist you in fulfilling all requirements concerning the local payroll accounting, we ensure your autonomy and we make sure that your colleagues receive their payments on time. 

We also assist you concerning secondments with the involvement of our local teams in the various locations of FALCON.

Additionally, if you have any questions or even disputes in social security or labour law matters, we closely work with lawyers and other specialists, and we put you into contact with them.


We take care of employees and managers seconded abroad within the group (expatriates) in their comprehensive tax and social security matters. If requested, we also carry out the necessary administrative steps with national authorities.

These services are offered in the countries where FALCON offices are available as complete annual service packages including tax returns. We involve external experts if this is necessary for a comprehensive service.

In many other countries we co-operate with local consultants and assist the expatriates mainly in tax and social security optimization and structuring during the term of their work abroad. 

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